How To Unblock Web Sites


Many places in the world block web access, to one degree or another. Some block certain content while others block protocols such as IP phones or Instant Messenger. These blocks require a lot of work on the part of the ISP or government doing the blocking. But the end result is that, regardless of how much time and money they spend, they cannot fully succeed.

Many people turn to free proxy servers to solve this problem. However, what they soon realize is that they are slow and are quickly become blocked as well. They end up spending all of their free time looking for a new proxy server. What they don't understand is that most free proxy servers are set up by hackers. They set them up for two reasons: to steal personal information and, even worse, to trick you into downloading what is called 'zombie software'. Once installed on your computer, zombie software allows the hackers to use your computer for their purposes, at will. Imagine having your computer used to steal credit cards, make fraudulent purchases online and worse. Then, having it all point back to you!

Also, proxy servers don't hide your information from anybody and all of your surfing habits and preferences are recorded. They do nothing to help you beat IP phone and other non-browser-based blockages, either.

The way to solve all of these issues and access any web application is through the use of the Personal VPN.